Melody Keymer Harper is a highly sought after motivational speaker, author, entertainer, coach, and Radio Host of Ignite Your Inner Power, with over 30 years of experience teaching successful communication strategies to business professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, college students, and actors.

She has designed programs and delivered hundreds of seminars and training’s globally to thousands of people in all levels of business.

Aside from acting in the movie Double Trouble with Elvis Presley, Melody has also shared the stage and screen with some of the biggest celebrities including: Johnny Carson, Betty White, Bill Cosby, Jenny Garth, Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds, Jason Priestley, and many more.

Melody shares how her life experience and working with celebrities not only helped her manage her fear of public speaking, it created her passion for teaching people how to overcome their fears, deliver their message with confidence, and achieve high performance results.

She is the founder and president of Melody Keymer International and co-president and CEO of Keymer Twins International with her twin sister, Marilyn. People recognize Melody and Marilyn as the Double Trouble Keymer Twins, a name they inherited from appearing in the movie Double Trouble with Elvis Presley. On the set, Elvis would say to them, "Here comes double trouble" and it stuck.

Melody's  Ignite Your Inner Power Success System, a 9 Step System for Maximum Impact Communication and coaching programs, transforms people from being mediocre to highly successful superstars in their career, the media, on stage and in life.